Book launch Organisatie 4.0

Trends in Agile transformations

Book launch Organisatie 4.0

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Our booklet

If you are a coach, team leader, scrum master ... for your teams, you will be interested in Marianne. She is the main character in our new booklet "Generate team energy in your organization" (more information about the booklet on our site).  The questions she asks her coach Lydia may also be relevant to you:

1.                  How do I unlock team energy so that my professionals will collaborate even better to make the customer – and themselves - happy?

2.                  How do I activate my teams so that they take a leading role in continuously improving our way of working?

Workshop carrousel

You can immediately experience the answer to these questions during the many workshops at the ADJUGO event.  We bring together our best coaches from the Netherlands and Belgium in a carousel with inspiring and interactive workshops. We challenged the coaches to go all the way... You will experience some brand-new workshops.

Organisatie 4.0

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Linda Dorlandt

  • Coaching teams
  • MTs and organizations
  • Change management
  • Career coaching

Remi-Armand Collaris

  • Coaching teams
  • MTs and organizations
  • Agile, Scrum®, Lean®
  • SAFe®, LeSS®

Practical Info

1 hour 30 minutes