Training in SAFE

Learn more about the Scaled Agile Framework

The leading model for agility at scale

Understand business agility

SAFe started out as a model to scale agile product development. By incorporating the growing insight in agile and the innovations in DevOps, Lean Startup and Design Thinking, SAFe is evolving to become the standard for the transformation of large corporat ions to become leaner and more agile .

Learn from others

SAFe may look like a big theoretical model, but it is also agile at the core. The model evolves and SAFe incorporates best practices as it encounters them.  SAFe is a practical guide on  your transformation journey. Learn from SAFe, start with SAFe best practices, and improve through Inspect and Ad apt.

Empower your teams

SAFe is actually to enable teams in large organizations to work effectively together with way more autonomy than now.
Combine this with a focus on removing obstacles and on creating value for your customers, and SAFe sets the scene for a happier work environment .

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Leading SAFe

Learn the principles and essentials of SAFe as a model and your role as leader or consultant in the SAFe transformation.

Explains how agile at scale, lean product development, DevOps, Design Thinking and Learning Organizations work together to enable business agility. This overview is essential to understand the functioning of SAFe.

Two day training, leading to the SA certificate.

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Lean Portfolio Management

What do you take with you on your company’s roadmap? Traditional Project Portfolio Management monitors budgets and fixed plans to achieve financial governance in a hierarchical enterprise.

SAFe LPM instead focuses on continuously aligning the portfolio to the strategy, and on the creation of value while controlling cost. This gives more autonomy to programs and teams.

Two day training, leading to SAFe LPM certificate.

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SAFe DevOps

SAFe builds a delivery pipeline for product development. This pipeline is based on the principles of DevOps.

SAFe DevOps is a fascinating training-cum-workshop, where the teams map their current valuestream and measure its process efficiency and rework due to low quality. The best practices explained in the training are immediately applied to make an improvement plan.

Two day training, leading to SAFe DevOps certificate.

Agile Product Management

SAFe replaces projects by product thinking. Product Managers and Product owners need a whole set of skills to be effective in modern, agile product development.

You need a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets. Understand and learn about your customer through fast feedback. Delight your customer while aligning with your organization’s strategy and portfolio.

Three day training, leading to the Agile Product and Solution Management certificate.

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SAFe Agile Architecture

SAFe focuses on the collaboration of several teams on one product or product family. Agile architects need to develop standards, interfaces and components, the architectural runway, that can be used to build functions.

Architecture and the architectural runway is required to maintain a high speed of value creation even as the code base becomes larger and more complex.

Three day training, leading to SAFe Architect certificate. Only in-house training offered.

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SAFe Agile SW Engineering

New skills and approaches help  faster  and more predictable  delivery    of software-centric solutions, based on teamwork and practices focusing on higher quality.

Attendees will learn how continuous flow of value delivery and building quality in are enabled by modern practices including XP technical practices, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Three day workshop, leading to SAFeAgile Software Engineer certificate.