Want fast to market?

A Lean-Agile transformation can get you there!

Faster to market is the primary driver for companies to move to agile.

Build your company on agile teams

Agile teams are the foundation of the agile enterprise and of your transformation as a company. Teams of about 10 people, working in short iterations with a clear goal.

Multi-functional teams, able to deliver end- to-end. Self-organizing teams where the members decide how the work will be done and who set high quality standards for themselves.

People like working in teams. The teams may still need help to perform best. That is where TeamGrowing can help you. TeamGrowing focuses on helping teams work better together, focus on the customer, reflecting on how to improve, setting themselves goals, celebrate together as a team.

Work the agile way

The teams need to adopt one of the agile ways of working: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban. Agile defines new roles: Product Owner and Scrum Master instead of Project Manager and Team Lead.

The Product Owner defines what gives most value to the customer. The other team members decide how to tackle and divide the work. We set a Sprint goal together, determine velocity or Work In Process limits.

ADJUGO can help you by teaching this agile way of working, by hands-on coaching of the teams and by providing scrum masters and product owners when you need to strengthen your teams.

 Agile Training                                                                           Agile coaching

Faster to market by eliminating time waste

We do not get faster to market by working harder. We get there by removing time wasters in the process. 

We also achieve more by doing less. Fewer projects, so that they finish faster, and we can focus better, lose less time in coordination and attention switching. 

Otherwise, our product development will go on behaving as a traffic jam: slow progress, unpredictable arrival time, overloaded and stressful.

We need end-to-end thinking, remove silo's and quality gates, limit work in process. Quality must be built-in, continuous integration is the norm, automated testing, all contribute to create a continuous flow of value generation: a value stream.

Set up a continuous delivery pipeline

Build in quality, set up automated testing and continuous integration, move from infrequent delivery of large batches to frequent delivery of small improvements. 

You can build such a delivery pipeline using DevOps principles. Shared responsibility for development, deployment, maintenance, security, compliance.

Because only a working system delivers value to the customer.

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Value Management

All companies and organizations have more good ideas than they can realize. Lean Portfolio Management is the process you can use to determine what company you want to build, what initiatives you need to take and how you can fund them. 

This portfolio management is the start of your delivery pipeline. Good portfolio management will help you focus on a few key initiatives and is the first step towards limiting Work in Process and establishing flow and fast delivery of value.

The LPM/Value Management Office monitors the creation of value and provides governance for your lean-agile transformation track.

Fast to market.

Elimination of time wasters, limits on work in process and built in quality allow a smooth flow of fast and predictable value delivery.

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