Building collaboration and trust

Collaboration and trust are the foundation of a generative culture,

where agility, innovation, customer focus and safety thrive

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Collaboration and trust


Organization, processes and rules provide structure to get work done

But it is collaboration and trust that create value.

To the customer.

And to the team members themselves.

Grow a new culture

There is a word for it. The generative organization culture.

Where teams thrive and collaborate and where information flows freely within and across the teams. Where responsibility is broad and risks are shared.

A culture that embraces innovation, where teams are high on performance and low on burnouts, as people can focus on results and support each other.

A fertile soil for innovation, for agility, for lean operations and for safety. Very attractive for talent as well. A performing culture.

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From rule-oriented to performing

Organizations with departments and rules and narrow responsibilities work. If the environment remains stable and predictable.

The new world is VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), though. Bureaucratic cultures prevent rapid adaptation to change. This hurts people, teams and company performance.

We can help you grow a performing culture.

We know, change is scary. But not changing is scarier still...

And change can be fun, too. If you do it the fun way.

Change behavior, culture will follow...

It is quite a shift, leaving behind the rules that prevent your from reacting to new challenges and management silo's that slow down your performance.

Fortunately, culture can evolve in small steps. Adopt a new way of working, and you will experience that attitudes start moving.

So that is our approach. First do agile, then become agile. We immerse you in the new collaborative culture in our training sessions, in the workshops we give, or as agile transformation coaches.

We walk the talk... And help you do the same.

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Grow a performing culture

Grow a new culture based on performing, multi-functional teams. Where innovation, customer-focus and collaboration thrive. And where supportive teams prevent burn-outs...

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Lean-agile transformation

The Lean-Agile transformation will help you become faster on the market, with better and more innovative products. Create more value and set up a more productive environment.

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Connective training

Experience our interactive training, where we try to build connection. Between the trainer and the trainees. Amond the trainees. Where we respond to what you expect.

Generate collaboration and trust

Let ADJUGO help you...