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The Scaled Agile Framework will deliver job satisfaction, productivity, quality  and speed to market

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Job satisfaction

SAFe wants decentralized decision making. Stop Command and Control, and replace it with maximal delegation to where the information is: the teams and the product owners.

Working in engaged and empowered teams, with a focus on delivering quality products to the customer, is what increases job satisfaction.

But make no mistake, the agile enterprise requires even more leadership and clarity of vision than the traditional environment. An agile environment is also transparent. To make the most of agility, you many need agile coaching and organization coaching

Productivity and value creation

Productivity in SAFe comes from alignment to the goals, from cadence, from motivation and from limiting Work in Process. High quality contributes. The SAFe model tells you how it works, the Leading SAFe training explains it.

The main reason for high productivity however is the focus on value creation. The real measure of productivity is not how hard we work, but how much value we create.

The value creation part is covered in the SAFe Agile Product and Solution Management training. Lean Portfolio Management covers the alignment of the portfolio with the company strategy and will monitor the creation of value in the Value Management Office.

Agile product management                        Lean Portfolio Management
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The basis of agile development is building quality into the product. Each and every increment needs to reflect this quality standard and needs to be fully integrated.

Quality is essential for scaling, productivity and speed to market. Quality is also an important driver for teams: the pride of craftsmanship and the creation of quality products that enchant the customer motivate the teams.

Specific quality practices for software development are taught in the SAFe Agile Software Engineering training; architecture and integration are the topic of the SAFe Agile Architecture training.

Agile Software Engineering                                        SAFE Agile Architecture

Time to market

Shortening time to market is the main driver for companies to move to agile. And it is where SAFe delivers the most benefit.

The core idea of SAFe is to optimize the stream of value creation in an end-to-end approach, from idea to implementation to release to the market. Removing all parts of the process where we waste time. Ensuring built-in quality, so that no work has to go upstream again.

And in doing so, we can achieve a steady flow of value creation for our customers.

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Implementing SAFe

Implementing lean-agile requires a profound transformation of your organization. End-to-end lean thinking, decentralizing decision making, servant leadership, re-thinking the way to allocate budgets, adopting a new company culture: this is a major journey for any company.

SAFe provides a roadmap and tools to become a lean-agile enterprise, with fast to market, motivated employees, high productivity and quality, and satisfied customers as the reward.

ADJUGO provides training, coaching and consultancy to help you make the transformation!

Business agility assessment

Where are you now in your agile transformation? You have hired agile coaches and implemented several practices, some teams work well, you see positive results. But there is also tension, not all teams achieve good results, the improvements begin to stagnate.

If you wonder where you are and want to know the next steps, our Business agility assessment. can be a great help!

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SAFe delivers

ADJUGO can help you get the most out of SAFe.

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