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Digital transformation

IT has pervaded our lives. We share our life on Facebook. Reputations are built in days and destroyed in minutes. The balance of power has changed…

Technology and behavior of customers change fast. Companies need to move ever faster in order to meet the challenges and find opportunities.

The digital transformation requires a dedicated strategy. Companies and public organisations need to become agile, that is: able to change fast and adapt to changing circumstances.


A big movement is happening right now. Companies and public sector organizations are going through a lean-agile transformation. In Belgium, a major bank is well on its way and others are investigating. Two publishing companies, a couple of utilities companies, a university are transforming right now.

ADJUGO can help you make this transformation

ADJUGO provides senior consultancy and training in order to help you make the transition to the entirely new, stimulating and innovative world of Lean-Agile. We base our approach on the SAFe(R) model (Scaled Agile Framework), a very complete model that helps large organizations move to a more responsive, innovative and rewarding way of working.

You can check out our training calendar for several lean-agile training sessions. Or you can contact us if you are interested in this topic and would like to know more...