Lean Portfolio Management


Lean Portfolio Management will shorten your time to market and help you adapt quickly to new opportunities and threats, with a focus on creating value.

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Faster and more responsive

The world becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex.

This drives companies to agile: faster to market and better at changing priorities quickly. Agile teams can do that. 

But in larger organizations you need coordination, financial governance and long-term roadmaps as well. Traditional, budget-based approaches are slow and changes in plans are time-consuming. Agile combined with traditional governance will not bring the benefits you expect.

 Enter Lean Portfolio Management. A coherent way of managing an agile portfolio, bringing governance in line with the advantages of agility. Feeding and seamlessly integrated with the SAFe delivery pipeline

Hatching ideas

That is really what Lean Portfolio Management is about. Helping the company define a strategy and make it actionable. Gather all ideas and translate them into initiatives that the delivery pipeline can take up. Periodically assessing and readjusting the portfolio and the budgets.

LPM brings structure and governance to large scale initiatives.  Participatory budgeting  helps select the initiatives that get funded. Periodical portfolio sync meetings keep the trains on track. The Lean start-up cycle makes sure initiatives have to prove themselves in the market before getting fully funded. 

Manage value, not just cost

You need products and services that are valuable for your customer and generate value for your company. Your PMO needs to evolve to a Value Management Office, monitoring the creation of value and not just the spend of money.

The Lean Portfolio Management function can also support the Lean Agile Center of Excellence, supporting the different agile release trains or tribes in their transformation to agile and their continuous search for improvement.

And finally, you may be bound by compliance to external rules. The LPM can take that regulation part in its stride as well.

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Training SAFe LPM

The SAFe LPM training is very interactive and instructive. It presents how to bring governance to an agile environment and how to have a clear focus on aligning your portfolio to your business strategy.

ADJUGO offers SAFe LPM training in public sessions as well as in-company. In public it takes two days.

In company, we can add a third day, the LPM workshop. We will build with you a first version of your very own portfolio.

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Help you set up SAFe LPM

Setting up a Lean Portfolio Management team will really help your agile transformation. The LPM brings structure and governance, flow and funding, fully aligned to the lean-agile approach of SAFe. It moves from slow, stifling  budgets to a focus on value creation.

We can help you set up the LPM-function,  we can help you run it, you can maybe even outsource it to ADJUGO. Depends on what you need...

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Supporting your LACE

LACE is the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence. It supports the agile teams, the coaches, Scrum masters, Release Train Engineers, Tribe leads ... in their agile functioning, aligning them to common goals and best practices.

SAFe places the LACE close to the LPM-function. ADJUGO can help you through providing  consultancy and support for the LACE, until you have built up sufficient experience inside your company.

Choose your destination, make your pack.

Lean Portfolio Management will help you focus on the creation of value. For your customers. And for your own company.