ADJUGO and XP-days Benelux: Sponsor and active contributor
We are proud and glad that we can contribute to make this community event happen.
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XP Days Benelux 2021

XP Days Benelux is an international conference where we learn to bring software to life and grow mature systems that support business needs . It provides an excellent environment for exchanging ideas, hands-on exercises and extreme experiences.

The conference is organized by the Dutch and Belgian agile community and the location alternates between Belgium and The Netherlands. Administration and invoicing is handled by a non-profit organisation.

DISC: how different personality types work together

Marie and Jurgen organize a session on DISC and how to apply insights in different personality types to make your team stronger.

"The most awesome products are build by a group of intrinsic motivated people that share the same dream and that have learned to become the best possible team using their personal strengths.

Sounds nice? But how can we connect with people that seems to have completley other values?

In this session you will explore different personality styles, their strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to improve your collaboration with others and build stronger relationships.

We are really proud that their session has made it to the program. Thumbs up!

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Happy Imposter

Remi-Armand and Dionne will facilitate a workshop on the Imposter Syndrome.

Perhaps you recognize this: You are in a job interview or coaching a team or hosting a workshop and a little voice in your head says things like:

  • you are not that special
  • why should they listen to you
  • what do you have to offer that others don’t
  • what if they find out you are not the expert they expect
If so, we just found out you are not that different from all of us. The trick is NOT to believe everything your mind is telling you. Now, how can you use this knowledge as a force in your daily work as a team member, coach, or manager? Well, come to our session and find out

Karen helps organize XP-days

And Karen contributes by being part of the organizing committee. Everybody behind her to write down compliments!

Thank you, Karen, for enabling the event!

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