Impactful hybrid meetings

Impactful hybrid meetings
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Why hybrid work

COVID-19 was a wake-up call. We found out that remote work is possible, even quite effective. As well as tiresome and no real replacement of live contact.

As we enter the post-COVID era,  we also enter a world of hybrid collaboration, with more remote work and teams in different locations.

In this one-day in-company training, we will introduce you and your team to a variety of techniques to make this new way of working reality - and constructive as well as enjoyable.

Online interactivity

ADJUGO gives highly interactive training on agility and on growing teams. So COVID was not exactly good news. But we started looking around, and found a number of solutions so that we would maintain a high standard of interactive training.

And these findings are at the core of our new training on hybrid working. One aspect: hybrid working requires more autonomy for the team and team members. That is where agile insights help us.

And the different interactive exercises we developed are a major source of inspiration for 'real life' workshops and interactions.

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From 11/02/2022 09:00
To 11/02/2022 17:00


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