Business and IT integration

IT-processes need to be integrated in the value stream of your services



The view used to be that IT needs to support the business and be aligned to the business goals.

IT in the hands of the customers has changed that. IT - your IT -  is now part of the customer experience. The technology is changing fast, too, becoming more powerful and having an ever growing impact on society and customer behavior. Business and IT integration needs to be the answer.

Open IT empowers your employees as well. The new workforce does not just want a better workplace, they need more learning, a more challenging environment and employers meeting their needs. This mindset fosters innovation as well. You can no longer live without that.

IT has evolved and through adopting agile techniques is finally becoming better at delivering what business needs. Business in turn adopts a process oriented approach and a lean mindset to better serve the customers. The new Agile-Lean movement integrates the two approaches and is the way towards better business and IT integration.