SAFe City Simulation Workshop

Learn to prioritize and plan work the lean-agile way


The SAFe City Workshop will help two groups of people to better understand how they can improve the way they work.

Business people will experience how lean-agile prioritization is a simple approach to make a team agree on the work to be done first to bring more value sooner.

Agile team members will understand the prioritization. They will also experience how a team of teams can plan the work together, in a face to face approach.

The workshop brings to life how SAFe assists in better alignment or integration of business and IT.

What is it 

The SAFe City Workshop is a half day workshop, highly interactive as well as fun. The participants experience core concepts in Lean-Agile and in the SAFe® model, instead of just learning about them.

The workshop consists of two parts.

The first part is about prioritization. As SAFe wants to focus on the creation of Value, the different backlogs continuously need to be prioritized, so that available capacity and budget is used to generate the most value at the most appropriate time. SAFe uses the concept Cost of Delay in prioritization, so the work that costs more if delayed longer gets treated first. In two rounds of about one hour each, participants experience the convenience of lean-agile prioritization using Cost of Delay.

The second part concerns planning. In SAFe, teams plan their work together and find a way to handle dependencies. We simulate the process and allow team members to experience the strength of this form of planning.

The workshop is organized in three rounds of each about one hour:

The workshop can be incorporated into a SAFe training, or it can be organized in a standalone session.


The workshop can be useful for two groups. The first group are the business stakeholders of a lean-agile process. They are the ones involves in the continuous prioritization and find the approach innovating as well as helpful and practical for establishing business priorities.

If we organize the workshop for business stakeholders only, we omit the planning part. The workshop then taken two hours. The minimum group size of participants is 6, with better results if the group is larger (up to 24).

The second group the workshop is interesting for are the team members of the lean-agile team. They need to experience the planning as well and benefit from the full workshop. For them, the minimum number of participants needs to be higher, between 8 and 24.

How to organize this workshop

We can organize this workshop at the location of your choice. We take care of the entire workshop for you.

Please contact ADJUGO online, by email ( or call us on +32 474 891 705.