Training Team Coach

Learn how to become a coach and help your team grow

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Training Team coach

You want to help teams bring out the best in themselves.

Learn the coaching techniques, the right kind of conversation, the feeling of enthusiasm, in yourself and how to evoke it in your team. The science is surprising, the coaching effective. Practice empowering conversation techniques, active listening, different exercises you can do with your team. Immerse yourself in a positive, stimulating environment.

The training consists of 3 modules of two days each, and we stay the night, full board (included). We stay the night because the team coach training builds a team of the participants. During the training. And after.

Become a part of our community. Help your team, and let yourself be helped by the other team coaches...

You can register for all three modules at once (which we recommend), or you can register for each module separately.

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Module 1: Get people on board

You experience enthusiasm in yourself and see what it does to others. Find what keeps others from contributing to the team and how you can improve that.

You learn and practice inspiring conversation techniques that achieve targeted improvements in self-organization. Learn how to deal with underlying resistance. Teach others how to use each other's strong points and mitigate weaknesses. Helping teams improve collaboration, that will be your trade.

Thanks to this training, you can create a positive vibe in your team, motivate people, inspire. You have impact with your own actions towards your team, and your team has more impact with their work.

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Module 2: Impact through empowerment

Learn how you can help others succeed and thus increase your impact. You will discover what actions improve teamwork and make it more predictable.

Use your own cases to practice. Learn how to bring frustrations to the surface and achieve results with a smile. Delegate effectively, bring the right focus, create an inspiring environment. You will love it.

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Module 3: Engage through purpose

It is not: we do not dare because it is difficult, but it is difficult because we do not dare.

Find your goal, define your purpose. Together. And go for it.

Help your team move from firefighting to pro-active improvement. From complaining about others to taking matters in their own hands. Find out how to make room for what really matters and inspire your team to go for it.

Inspire and engage teams

Help your teams become better at self-organization, at motivation and engagement, and achieve more impact.